Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jennifer Hays: ECS teacher and parent

Jennifer Hays is both a teacher at ECS and mom to three current ECS students. Here she tells about a great memory of the school, and shares the special perspective she has being both teacher and parent. 

1.  Tell us a bit about you and your family. My name is Jenn Hays, and my husband Darrick and I have four kids: Micah 15, Jacob 13, Audriel 12, and Naomi 10.  Darrick and I grew up on the same street in Alta Loma, California.  After high school Darrick joined the Navy and I attended Dordt College to earn my BA in elementary education.  Darrick served 20 years in the Navy and Bremerton was our last duty station.  We have lived all over the U.S.  I have taught in many different states and even homeschooled for 5 years.  Now that Darrick is retired he works for TLD, a support company to Boeing and I teach third/fourth grade language arts and Bible, and work with the preschoolers at Everett Christian.

2. How & when did you get connected at ECS? I am starting my third year of teaching at ECS.  The year I started teaching was the year Micah started 8th grade, Jacob started 6th grade and Naomi started 2nd grade at ECS.  Audriel joined our family last year through adoption and was in 5th grade last year.  We believe very strongly in Christian Education and the mission of Everett Christian School.

3.  Please share one of your favorite memories from ECS. We have had many special memories here at ECS and look forward to many more.  A favorite memory we have as a family was when Darrick spoke at a special Veteran's Day chapel.  It was very touching to witness the students honoring those who have served our country.

4.  What's the best thing about Everett Christian School? The best thing about ECS is the people! The families truly love the school and support the teachers.  It is an amazing community to be a part of.

5.  What are your hopes and dreams for the future of Everett Christian? Our hopes and dreams for ECS are that the Lord will continue to bless this unique and special school.  It is our prayer that the Lord will fill ECS to overflowing (with students!)

6. Jenn, how does being both a parent AND a teacher give you a unique perspective on the school? Being a parent and a teacher give me a special "behind-the-scenes" look at ECS.  The commitment the teachers have to the Lord and Christian education is something very special and she is so blessed to be a part of it.  I have witnessed how hard the staff works to incorporate the through-lines into every area of their teaching and guiding of the students.  As a parent I have been overwhelmed by the care and compassion the teachers have shown our children.  When our newest daughter joined our family in August 2015, the teachers met her where she was at and focused on building a relationship of trust.  It was just what she needed and ECS has been a great place for her to belong and grow.

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