Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Megan Jenkins: ECS alumnus

We are privileged to hear from another daughter of middle school teacher Mrs. Jenkins-- Megan Jenkins is a 2006 graduate of ECS, but even before that she was very involved in the Everett Christian community. She has great memories of her time here. 

1. Tell us about yourself. 

My name is Megan Jenkins and I am a 2006 grad. I went on to attend Cascade High School in Everett, WA and from there to obtain a Bachelor of Education degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. I currently teach Grade 5 in Chilliwack, British Columbia. After the wonderful experience I had at ECS, it has contributed to my desire and drive to become a teacher, and I love it!

2. What is your connection to ECS? When did you attend? 

I attended ECS from Kindergarten to 8th grade (1997 – 2006). In Kindergarten, I had Mrs. Hammingh, 1st grade my teacher was Mrs. Bishop, 2nd grade my teacher was Miss De Jong, 3rd / 4th grade my teacher was Mrs. De Jong and Mrs. Clayton, and 5th to 8th grade my teachers were Mr. Bishop, Mr. D and Mrs. Jenkins (my mom). I spent my school days at Everett Christian, but I spent much of this time throughout my years before, during and after attending ECS in the afterhours. Whether it was helping my mom and various teachers setting up classrooms, serving and cleaning up after auctions, Saturdays spent helping my dad bring computers to ECS, or helping with the graduation ceremonies through the years…I greatly valued my time spent with people in this community.

3. Please share one special memory connected with ECS.

There are many special memories I have from my time at Everett Christian, so it is hard to pick just one. But, I think one of the most special parts about ECS is its small, welcoming, genuine community. There are always friendly faces eager and willing to serve, and the 7th / 8th grade class trip was an awesome opportunity for this. I particularly remember our Leavenworth White Water Rafting trip. I remember the games we played, the floods that filled our tents at night, the one or two kids that wouldn’t wake up in the morning, the intensity of the rafting, our various campground duties etc. There were many events and memorable experiences that I could name from this trip, but the one things that sticks out to me was the community we had within our class. Whether it was the volunteering attitudes of parents, the camaraderie between students, or the fun games played…the community and sense of togetherness we shared was a trademark (I believe) of ECS.

4. What is your favorite, or the best, thing about ECS?

The community and sense of togetherness and inclusiveness we had was by far one of my favourite things about ECS. We always did things together, and included everyone in all of our activities. Especially in those tough Middle School years, ECS provided us all with a safe place to truly be ourselves and figure out ourselves in a way that was honest. I am truly grateful for this safe, special time at ECS

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