Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ronald Fisher: ECS alumnus

Ronald Fisher is a 1952 graduate of Everett Christian School. He shares a very unique perspective, having been involved in the school community for so many years. Thanks, Ronald, for taking the time to be interviewed! 

1. Tell us about you and your family. 

My mother’s maiden name was Pieternella (Nellie) Roodzant.  The Roodzants came to Oak Harbor, Washington, from the Netherlands in 1913.  My mom, one of ten, was 8 years old.  They came to Everett where my mom worked in the hospital.  There she met Frank Fisher, the ice man, who was Roman Catholic.  When they married neither side of the family was very excited about that.  They were blessed with three children.  Jack was born in 1927, attended Everett Christian and Everett High.  He died in 1986 of cancer.  My sister Joan was born in 1935, attended Everett Christian and died at age 13 in 1949 of a brain hemorrhage.  

I was born in 1938 and attended Everett Christian.  After my sister died in 1949 I came back to Everett Christian in the fall.  We viewed a movie of a missionary doctor.  I knew then I was being called to ministry.  I graduated from Everett Christian when Keith Kuipers was our teacher and principal.  He was and is a wonderful person.  

I then attended Rosehill Jr. High and graduated from Everett High in 1956.  I went to Calvin College for one year. Then I worked at Reinell Boat Works in Snohomish for one year.  Then I attended the Reformed Bible Institute or RBI (now Kuyper College) for three years.  There I met Gerry Vanderhill.  We were married in 1961 when I graduated from RBI.  Gerry had one year to go to graduate.  I served at Hillcrest Chapel in Grand Rapids, Michigan for one year and realized I needed more schooling.  I went back to Calvin College graduating in January 1965.  By then we had two children and I was working at least two nights a week.  I continued on to Calvin Seminary graduating in 1969.  We have been blessed to have served six Christian Reformed  (CRC) churches, as well as a being part time minister of congregational life for seven and a half years following retirement.  All of our ministry has been in Canada.

We have been blessed with four children.  Melanie was born in 1963, attended Calvin College and Aquinas College, both in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She now has her own accounting business in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Timothy was born in 1964, attended Redeemer University College, Calvin College, and Central Michigan University. Tim works at Agfa in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; a hospital software company.  Tim and Jeanne and their family live in Waterloo, Ontario. Michael was born in 1970, attended Calvin College, the University of Waterloo and Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.  Mike has his own business called Aterica Health which develops medical software.  Mike and Amy and their family live in Waterloo, Ontario. Christine was born in 1970, attended Loyalist College in Trenton, Ontario.  Christine is a special education teacher and lives with her husband Brad Faucet in Vernon, BC. 

2. Have you seen ECS change over the years? If so, please explain.

ECS has changed physically much over the years.  It seems that each time we are out west changes have been made from the original two room school I attended,

3. What do you hope the future holds for Everett Christian School?

That the Lord will continue to bless ECS with faithful supporters and continued blessings to all who attend as well as the staff and board.

4. What would you tell a current ECS student or ECS family is the most important thing to remember about their time at Everett Christian?

Listen to the Word and the Holy Spirit each moment the Lord gives you.  You never know what great adventures our Gracious God has in store for you as you seek to serve Him in His glorious kingdom. 

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